Search Engine Optimization

In SEO is the technique to enhance web brand presence in organic search. SEO is the work with 3 activities like On-Page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization and mainly Social Media Optimization.

In On page Optimization it will work with Online using web designing, meta tags, image, video, article and audio optimization in Websites.

In Off Page Optimization it will work with using link building to Offsite. In link building we will used Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Photo sharing, Video sharing, Document or ppt Sharing, Blogging and so on.

At last in Social Media Optimization We will used to share product photos, services, article of Websites in Face book, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, Instagram and etc.

There are many options or activity included to following :

Website Review & Reports

In Website Review and reports we will find to review of websites. How many visitors visit your website and reviews for your website to give screen short send after a month. And also suggest how to get more visitors and review for your website. We will also send a report for your website after a month.

Keyword Research & Analysis

We will used to unique keyword for each websites. We will find and analysis keyword how to related your project and how to get more ranking for your website. It is different to other website and get more ranking.

Website Optimization

In Website Optimization, We will used to make a new banner for your website. We will used to unique content, and article. We will also optimize to images, videos, ppt and audio to related your website contents.

Search Engine Review & Monitoring

We will also analysis for your websites review on search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing. We will find how to different website impression in search engine.

Keyword Based Reporting

In your website we will used to keyword for link building. We will analysis for keyword ranking and give you to reporting of keyword impression in search engine.

Social Media Integration

We will integrate your social media account like Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube to share product photos, article, services, blog and videos relevant to your website. We will also connected to your friends, groups and social media activities.

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