Social Media Marketing

In SMM We will share content, photos, videos, article and keyword to used Facebook, Twitter, G+, YouTube and LinkedIn. In This marketings have some rules are following :
We will add to keyword with using #(hash) tag.
We will add to tag with using @ symbol.
We will share product photos with using keyword, short url, and tag to share in week, 15 days and in month. We will not share daily.
We will used to share 3 photos in a day.

Social Media Optimization

In SMO have some activities there are following. We will used to social media to connected people, users and also share photos, articles, blog, services with using social media. In this generation people are connected through social media so create a page with updated profile and share data relate to your profiles. There are all interconnect with each other so easy to share.

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Twitter Marketing
Google Plus Marketing
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LinkedIn Marketing
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